Liquor Liability

Liquor Liability

Everyone knows that drunk drivers are responsible for the injuries they inflict. However, many drunk drivers have no or inadequate insurance to pay for the damages they cause.  In those cases, Neil Durkin has been successful in pursuing the bar or tavern where they were served.

Under Pennsylvania and New Jersey law, a bar or tavern is responsible for injuries inflicted by a drunk driver if they served that person while the eventual drunk driver was visibly intoxicated. To prove that fact, an attorney needs to move fast to secure witness statements and video surveillance before memories fade and video is erased.

If you have been injured by a drunk driver, contact Mr. Durkin to investigate whether there is an action against a liquor license holder in addition to the claim against the drunk driver.

In addition to drunk driving accidents, if you are served by a liquor license holder while visibily intoxicated and are then injured as a result of that intoxication, you may also have a claim. Also, if you are assaulted by an intoxicated person you may also have a claim against the bar or tavern.

Liquor Liability Results

  • $1.85 Million Settlement
    Client versus Resort Hotel – over-served drunk driver kills passenger in his car

  • $625,000 Settlement
    Client versus social club and drunk driver – passenger injured in one car crash

  • $90,000 Settlement
    Client is over-served at a casino and falls down the escalator on way to her limousine.

  • $75,000 settlement of possible $100,000 policy
    Man shot by under-aged drinker outside of nightclub