Products Liability

Products Liability

Faulty and defective products result in injuries to thousands of people every year. Mr. Durkin has handled numerous complicated and complex involving products ranging from complicated industrial machinery to lawnmowers. It is the duty of every manufacturer to make their product safe for its intended use. When they fail in that duty, the consumer pays the price.

Automobiles – When seatbelts or airbags fail people can be catastrophically injured or killed. Defective vehicles are one aspect of product liability litigation. We can assist you if you or a loved one has been injured by a failure in the manufacturing or design of a motor vehicle.

Medical Products – When a medical implant or other device fails, the patient suffers. We have successfully represented clients with failed hip implants, failed knee implants and other defective medical implants or devices. Additionally, some medical errors are caused by malfunctions in the equipment being used during surgery. If you believe you are the victim of one of these devices, call for a free evaluation.

Products Liability Results

  • $500,000 Settlement
    Client versus wrapping machine manufacturer – woman’s arm pulled into machine

  • $225,000 Settlement
    Client versus hip implant manufacturer