Workers Compensation

Pennsylvania Workers Compensation

If you are injured at work, you are entitled to workers compensation payments regardless of fault. Under Pennsylvania law, the employer must compensate you for lost wages and medical payments.  If your employer or its insurance company fails to compensate you or refuses to pay your medical bills it is time to call a lawyer.

If you are currently collecting workers compensation, your employer may attempt to cut off your benefits or force you back to work before you are ready. If this occurs, you need legal representation to protect your benefits.

Mr. Durkin has handled a diverse range of workers compensation cases over the years including the common back and neck injury claims as well as more serious loss of sight and death claims. In addition to defending cases in litigation, Mr. Durkin has also negotiated large lump sum settlements for clients who wished to settle their claims.


  • $495,000 total settlements
    Injured worker settled claim for arm injury.

  • $275,000 Settlement
    Woman with long-term back injury employed in a warehouse settled her claim for a lump sum

  • 285 Weeks of Compensation Ordered by Judge
    State Guarantee Fund ordered to pay the maximum 285 weeks of compensation to worker who lost his eye while working for an employer without workers compensation insurance.

  • Numerous decisions awarding or preserving workers compensation benefits for injured workers.